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Solutions to some commonly seen issues are shown below. For all other issues, please email
Issue Resolution
"I installed a new AutoDISE version by downloading the full program from the website. However, all the custom toolbox items I added to date are gone. What do I do?" The normal method for updating AutoDISE is using the built-in update system. However, you can update by installing the entire program from scratch in a new folder. When you do this, the new version will not have your user-defined items or any saved Options.

To migrate these items, in Windows Explorer navigate to the folder containing the previous version of AutoDISE.exe. Open the "Data" folder and copy the file named "user.adsx" and paste this file in the corresponding "Data" folder for the new version you just downloaded, making sure to select the Replace File option when prompted. Run the new version and your custom toolbox items should be there.
"When I download an AutoDISE manual update file (ending in .auf), the file extension is converted to .zip. What should I do?" Organization firewall security software can detect the inner structure of a file and convert files in attempt to combat security breaches. In this case the software typically is simply changing the name of the file. In most cases a user can simply rename the file from .zip to .auf so it is usable by AutoDISE.
"When I transfer AutoDISE layout files over email or external drive they are converted to .xml files and are no longer readable by AutoDISE." In every case we have seen to date this conversion of layout files to .xml is being performed by endpoint security software on a user's organization computer which is encrypting the layout files. This issue is not unique to AutoDISE files and would be seen when copying any other files such as Word or Excel. Individual users must contact their local help desk and learn the proper procedures for transfering files to and from their organization computer.

In some cases file transfer via CD or DVD resolved this issue.
"When I run AutoDISE, after about a minute or so a message starts popping up saying my layout 'failed to auto-save by the automated backup and recovery system'. This happens for any layout I open. What is wrong?" AutoDISE employs an auto-save feature to allow you to recover most changes you have made to a layout in the event the program crashes before you save changes. This feature requires that AutoDISE be able to create a "Recovery" folder in the same folder as "AutoDISE.exe" and save temporary layout copies inside. The popup normally occurs if somehow a layout gets corrupted and the auto-save process cannot save it. The user can still recover up to the last auto-save point.

However, if this popup occurs on all layouts after initial AutoDISE install then AutoDISE most likely does not have the necessary permissions to create the "Recovery" folder or create files inside it. In this situation do the following after receiving the popup:

  • See if a "Recovery" folder was successfully created in the same folder as "AutoDISE.exe". If so, try to run AutoDISE and save a layout there. If successful, then something else is wrong; contact AutoDISE support. Otherwise, change folder permissions to allow file saving.
  • If the "Recovery" folder is NOT there, then change permissions on the folder containing "AutoDISE.exe" to allow folder creation and file saving.
"I am getting an error message similar to 'Access to path [filepath] is denied.'" AutoDISE should be installed in Program Files by Help Desk support and requires that all AutoDISE files and subfolders have Read/Write permissions. This error occurs if the Write permissions are not properly set.
"AMEDD AirBeam configurations differ from those in the toolbox. Is there a way to access the AMEDD configurations?" The AutoDISE Template for AMEDD Temper Air Support (TAS) can be found at:

Note: this link may only work from within a government facility.

Once you access this page, click on the camera icon with the title "Repair the skins, prevention of water intrusion and dealing with high wind conditions, and additional support files".
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